Hydrophobic Aspheric Yellow
Hydrophobic Aspheric Yellow





Excellent biocompatibility and UV absorption of the IOL material.
The optics is adjusted with respect to refractive index of IOL material.
The unique design makes thin IOL profile and have excellent haptic stability.
The spheric and aspheric optics are made by carving and resurfacing with high precision machines and natural diamond tools.
Lifeline IOL has high resolution (MTF), precision diopter accuracy.
Lifeline IOL improves visual quality.
The 3600 square edge minimizes the chances of PCO.
The unique and hassle free IOL placement (loading) system in cartridge and quick and smooth injection of the lens makes consistency in delivery.
The delivery system options available are 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.2mm.
The unfolding is smooth and predictable.