PVA Eye Spears
PVA Eye Spears
Cenefōm PVA eye spears are constructed of soft, absorbent and highly retentive polyvinyl alcohol foam. The porosity is controlled for a variety of applications including LASIK and refractive surgery. Cenefōm PVA eye spears, gentle on the eyeball and cornea, are designed to quickly clean the surface of the eye and absorb diffuse fluids during ophthalmic procedures.

Eye spears are used in ophthalmic or microscopic surgical procedures to absorb excess fluids from the operative site.

• Designed for ophthalmic surgery
• Lint and fiber-free
• Fast wicking and high fluid retention
• Rapid diffuse fluid absorption
• Customized colors available for eye spear handle
• Sterilized by gamma radiation
• Packaged in cleanroom facilities

Model Dimensions  (mm) Packaging
OP-ES01 8 x 17 5 pcs/foil bag, 2 foil bags/pack,
20 packs/box
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